Recycling in Condos: Miami, It’s the Law!

Posted by Rebecca Carter on Jan 17, 2011 in Blog, Featured, Local Government | 13 comments

Live in a condo in Miami Dade County, but they don’t offer recycling? Weird, since it’s been the law since 1992. Now it’s easy to get your condo to recycle, and they don’t even have to know it was you who did it.

Okay, so here’s some direct language from the County:

Miami-Dade County Code Section 15-2.2 mandates that all multi-family establishments implement a recycling program. The program must be serviced by a permitted hauler or the appropriate governmental agency. Please note that we are executing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with each city to determine if they will perform the enforcement function for this section of the code or if they want our department to do it. Probably the safest way for a caller to know who is responsible for the enforcement in their city is to contact the city’s Solid Waste Department.

What’s that mean? It means your condo has to recycle and enforcement is either up to the County, or the City that you live in. You can contact your City’s Solid Waste Department to find out, or if you have any trouble, just call 311.

Once you are on the call, request to report a complaint about the condo not recycling. You’ll really just need the address of the condo. Then, this is what happens:

  1. An inspection is conducted either proactively or through a complaint received. A thirty day (30) warning notice is issued by the officer if a recycling program is not revealed during the inspection. If a request for an extension is made, the officer will accommodate according to the time requested. Even though the code is mandatory, condominiums normally have to go through their association board meeting for approval prior to adding a service and may need additional time.
  2. At the time a compliance inspection is completed, a citation will be issued if the recycling program has not been implemented. The amount of the fine for a multifamily establishment is determined by the following schedule in Miami-Dade County Code Chapter 8CC.
    1. Up to 25 Units – $300.00
    2. 26 Units to 100 Units – $650.00
    3. 101 Units and above – $950.00
  3. Citations also have a five (5) day compliance period, which begins to accumulate on the sixth day and will continue up to 20 days. This means that a $950 dollar fine can accumulate to $19,000 for non-compliance.
  4. If after this process there is still non-compliance, our Administrative Unit will begin the process to lien the property.

Recycling. It is a law that basically every resident of this county should have access from their home, condominiums and multi-family homes included. Do you? Are you going to report your condo if you don’t?

13 Responses to “Recycling in Condos: Miami, It’s the Law!”

  1. i have lived in miami beach almost 20 yrs and have seen my share of inconsistencies as far as local recycling laws- my wife worked for about 5 yrs and our friend was the owner of a well known restaurant on Ocean Drive, South Beach. the ocean drive association is a very powerful org , and are a large tax base with a voice in local government.

    i know 4 a fact that all of Ocean drive restaurants do not recycle whatsoever ( always disturbed me with the amount of alcohol consumed at this particular restaurant that i knew, and what wasn’t recycled ! )

    my point is – i wish the government would implement a deposit system on each glass or plastic bottle like the do in most large cities- a plus would also be that the homeless would be able to sustain them selves better and would have a better chance of getting all that glass and plastic back into the system, rather than just holding a hand out in pubic places.

    another thought – why did we phase out the auto emissions test that we all used to wait line – what ever happened to that – i see cars spawn out so much crap!

    my 2 cents worth.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for your article, after reading this, I was able to contact Miami Dade County and report my condo to them. I love that now I can recycle at home!

    Thank you again and keep them coming :)

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