I Love Tap Water: Miami-Dade

Posted by Rebecca Carter on Jun 3, 2010 in Blog, Local Government | 10 comments

I love Tap Water. In fact, it’s an issue I plan to get more heavily involved in the the coming year. Miami Dade County recently held an “I Love Tap Water” campaign and made a fantastically cheesy video to promote drinking tap water. Check it out.

10 Responses to “I Love Tap Water: Miami-Dade”

  1. I love the way gets the message across…This is government!?!? Cool! Just enough cheese to keep you watching and a great message? to boot! I love tap water!

  2. That video is a little over the top, but I like the direction that Dade county is taking, and going outside “the box” with their campaign. I will say that I recently thought I tasted the water to have been ever-so-slightly more chlorinated; though it could have just been heightened sensitivity to smells due to other factors.

  3. Edgar Chang says:

    Unfortunately tap water is unsafe and contains fluoride. Look at the ingredients in your toothpaste the FDA warning says if you swallow Fluoride contact poison control. So when you drink it from your tap water it magically becomes good?

  4. I always wonder about tab water, there is so much controversy out there that I always ended up having to buy bottle water which I don’t like either to pay $2 for a glass of water… ridiculous

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