Go Used, Go Green, Go Yelp

Posted by admin on Oct 7, 2009 in Blog, Featured, Green Businesses | 0 comments

yelplogotagWe love Yelp. If you aren’t familiar, this is THE site (and iPhone app is killer) for restaurant and business reviews. It’s a growing community of really great people that want to share their recommendations with you. In fact, we originally joined in order to share our own reviews of local green businesses. Of course, we are behind on just about every project right now, so we have nothing to report there.

The good news is, the Yelp community is doing it for us! This week, they featured vintage & thrift shops around Miami. Buying used items is the ultimate in eco-friendly shopping. No new resources, keeping items away from landfills. It’s a win all around! This list includes businesses we’ve never even heard of…and what’s best, you can read about other people’s experiences before you even get there.

Do you have a favorite used spot? If you know me at all, you already know mine!

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