Must See Everglades Documentary

Posted by Rebecca Carter on May 7, 2009 in Videos | 1 comment

Ready for a blast from the past? has a video up called Will the Gator Glades Survive? It is described as: "A visit to the Florida Everglades reveals how that famed wildlife region is now threatened with destruction because of man’s tampering with the natural water system."

Interesting enough. But if you haven't clicked the link yet, you'll now find out why it's so interesting. It was originally broadcast in 1970 as part of a series Our Vanishing Wilderness thought to be the first televised series on the environment, being shot in 1969 and aired the next year. 

The series was co-written by John Hamlet, a well known naturist from Weeki Wachee, who was of course married to a mermaid. 

So old and still so relevant. Check it out: Will the Gator Glades Survive?

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  1. Interesting will have to catch that.
    Just went to Tuesday’s preview of The National Parks by Ken Burns. They showed a good chunk of FL material from the 12 hour documentary. We only got a 45 minute tease, but it looks like it’ll be great.

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