greenerMIAMI in the Herald: Welcome!

Posted by Rebecca Carter on Apr 17, 2007 in In the News | 6 comments

Rebecca_credit_miamiherald__patrickThe Miami Herald did a very nice feature on greenerMIAMI in today’s paper. Check it out. It looks even cooler in the real paper. (Recycle, please!)

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It’s almost Earth Day and we hope you’ll come celebrate with us on Sunday @ EarthFest!

Photo credit: Patrick Farrell (thanks, Patrick!)

6 Responses to “greenerMIAMI in the Herald: Welcome!”

  1. Richard McMackon says:

    re greener ” I like most people like to spoil myself { FOOD } I feel better when I go walking I carry a plastic bag and pick up
    trash and I feel better and so does my waistline. Keep up your good thoughts.

  2. Rebecca, Great Article! Keep up the good work. See you on Sunday.

  3. Rebecca, congratulations on recognition well deserved. Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Rebecca, you go girl! Cute picture too!

  5. Rebecca,
    I was so pleased to find your article in the Miami Herald. I applaude your efforts and look forward to meeting you in person at the EarthFest!
    Rachel A. Markel
    Plant Medicine Company

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