Florida Solar Cracker House

Posted by Rebecca Carter on Jul 19, 2006 in Building & Construction | 1 comment

A reader recently contacted greenerMIAMI, with a link to a green home they built near Interlachen, Florida (map). The home, which they call the Florida Solar Cracker House, is not connected to the utility grid or public sewer.

Their website, which chronicles how they accomplished building this green home, is quite complete and includes various photos. From solar power to rainwater collection and composting toilets, they were able to build a very green home. Visit the Florida Solar House website and take a look around. You just might get inspired!


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  1. Joe Breuggeman says:

    This is a “hands-down winner” for a pitched roof house in central Florida, Titusville. My 2400 sq ft home, under air, will un-doubtedly require at least 2 of these, possibly one more. Can you give me some idea of the cost magnitude per unit? What about velnerability to tropical storm/hurricane force winds? And, finally, given the current rates for electricity, and we know they are going to go up, what do you estimate the payback period for this investment would be? What do you anticipate their service life is?

    Joe B.

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